BrokenBot 3.1.0 Bot Clash Of Clans Terbaru 2015

Halo sobat Clasher
Salam Clasher
Clash On!!!

Setelah Clash Of Clans melakukan update besar - besaran pada 1 juli 2015 kemarin hampir semua bot tidak bisa digunakan.
nah kali ini saya akan membagikan bot yg bisa digunakan yaitu BrokenBot terbaru versi 3.1.0

ini dia BrokenBot v 3.1.0

Berikut Changelog nya :

  • Custom troops fixed, you no longer just have to use barracks training
  • Modified sniping - improved, but still occasionally having a few issues with attacking wrong side of base, please continue bringing incorrect behaviour to our attention
  • Longer time available to click "Attack Now" button
  • King/Queen activation modified
  • Better stopping attack during snipe if you have gained a star
  • More text reading improvements
  • Fixed behaviour when using donate/train only mode
  • More non English languages now supported - if you find issues, please report them and use English
  • Various crashes fixed
  • Resolved upgrading Balloon instead of WallBreaker
  • Resolved an issue where having a single troop type would cause the bot to not attack
  • GitHub is updated! - Open Source baby!

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Salam Clasher
Clash On!!!


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